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Fully Managed Website Hosting

Our team of experts handles everything for you, from setup and configuration to ongoing maintenance and security updates. This means you can focus on growing your business without the hassle of managing servers, ensuring your website is always running smoothly and efficiently. With our managed hosting, you get peace of mind, knowing that your site is in capable hands and optimized for peak performance.

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Your new website is just the beginning. Don't undermine its business potential with slow, low-quality web hosting.

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What is fully managed web hosting?

Secure Double Offsite Backups

Two is better than one, and one alone is not enough. That's why we ensure your data is doubly secure by performing offsite backups to two distinct locations. Based on your chosen plan, we offer backup frequencies ranging from hourly and daily to weekly or monthly, keeping your site safe and recoverable at all times.
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Virus & malware scanning

Protecting your WordPress website is crucial, which is why our hosting plans include robust malware and virus scanning. We perform regular scans to detect and eliminate any malicious code, ensuring your site remains secure and your data safe. Our advanced security measures identify threats early, preventing potential damage and downtime. With our comprehensive scanning, you can trust that your WordPress site is protected against the latest cyber threats, allowing you to focus on running your business without worry.
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Software updates

Regular software updates are crucial for WordPress website hosting. They ensure your site runs smoothly, stays secure, and benefits from the latest features. Our hosting service handles all updates for you, from core WordPress updates to theme and plugin enhancements. With this proactive approach not only protects your website from vulnerabilities but also enhances performance and functionality. With our fully managed updates, you can focus on your business while we keep your website up-to-date and running optimally.
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Speed optimized servers

Our speed-optimized servers are designed specifically for WordPress website hosting, ensuring lightning-fast load times and seamless performance. By leveraging cutting-edge caching techniques, SSD storage, and optimized server configurations, we deliver a superior user experience. With our hosting, your WordPress site will run smoothly even during traffic spikes, boosting your SEO rankings and keeping visitors engaged. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, high-speed hosting tailored to meet the unique demands of WordPress websites.
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Wordpress web hosting your mother would be proud of!

When I say fully managed Wordpress web hosting, I mean it. Unlike our competitors, I take care of everything. Web hosting on my platform means you never have to worry about your Wordpress website again.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is web hosting?

    Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and businesses to make their websites accessible on the internet. It involves storing website files and data on a server, which is a powerful computer designed specifically for this purpose.

  • What kind of servers do you run?

    We run exclusively on Ubuntu servers. Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system that allows us the freedom to customize and alter the platform to better serve SEO-optimized websites. Unlike CPanel, our servers are designed to only provide super fast speed and premium security for WordPress websites.

  • Can I access my cpanel or ftp into my site?

    No. We do not use CPanel. We are using cutting-edge, cloud-based technology that does not have an access panel customers can access. This allows our servers to be faster and more secure. 

    We also do not allow FTP access to sites. Why? This is one of the measures we take to fully secure your website and the server. We also provide a fully managed service, meaning you will not need to access your site for any reason. We take care of everything.

  • Do you provide email hosting?

    No! Our servers are designed solely for hosting Wordpress website. To ensure the highest quality hosting experience, we only host Wordpress websites. If you want branded business email I recommend using Godaddy’s Outlook email or Google Gsuite.

  • Can I move my Wordpress website to you?

    Yes. In fact, I’ll move your WordPress site to my servers for you! And, if ever you wish to leave our service and take your WordPress site somewhere else, I’ll provide your files upon cancellation.

  • Can I move any website to you?

    No. We only host WordPress websites. Our servers are optimized specifically for WordPress websites. This allows us to ensure our servers are extremely fast and secure.

  • Are there any setup or cancellation fees?

    Nothing! There are no setup costs and should you ever need to leave the plan, there are no cancellation fees. And the door is always open should you ever leave and decide to come back to the plan.

  • What is SSL and do I need it for my website?

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol that encrypts data transmitted between a user’s browser and your website. It’s essential for securing sensitive information and improving trust with visitors. Most websites now require SSL certificates.

  • Do you provide SSL?

    Yes. We provide a LetsEncrypt SSL certificate with every site. If you are hosting an ecommerce site we highly recommend adding a wildacrd SSL for enhanced security, which incurs an additional cost.

  • Can I cancel at anytime?

    Of course. My hosting plans are all month to month, no long term contracts. If you’re unhappy with my service you’re free to move your website to another host. Just send an email to to request cancellation.

    And the door is always open should you ever leave and decide to come back.