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Custom website design for local businesses

Our Kelowna web design team handles everything from initial concept and layout to ongoing updates and SEO optimization. Focus on growing your business while we create and maintain a stunning, user-friendly website. Our custom web design ensures your online presence is visually appealing, responsive, and efficient, giving you peace of mind. Trust us to keep your site optimized for peak performance, always in skilled hands, with attention to mobile design, UX/UI, and seamless navigation.

Extraordinary custom website design

We play to our strengths: For over 10 years we've been ideating, creating and shipping wonderful websites on the internet.

Idea to execution

From the initial strategy through to the finished product, we deliver the whole experience entirely in-house. This allows us to ensure quality across everything that we do.

Full stack

Our team includes both generalists and specialists, excelling in UI development, interaction design, CMS setup, and technical development—all under one roof.

Technology neutral

We start with an open mind, carefully listening and observing to recommend the best tech solution tailored to each business challenge.

Not just a pretty face

Performance, accessibility, and usability are key for any digital product. We ensure every app excels in appearance and functionality for all users, going the extra mile for top-tier quality.

Elevate your brand

Every web design project we undertake is uniquely tailored, creating an online digital experience that enhances your brand and propels it forward. We combine innovative website design, advanced technology, and strategic content to develop websites that are visually stunning, highly engaging, and exceptionally functional.

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User experience

Crafting user experiences that embody your brand and engage your audience is our specialty. From seamless navigation to compelling storytelling, each website is thoughtfully designed to captivate and leave a memorable impact.

Robust, secure, flexible

Each website we create is supported by a robust, secure infrastructure designed specifically for your organization. This ensures your site can handle increasing traffic and adapt to your business’s evolving needs, providing both scalability and flexibility for the long term.

Responsive by design

Responsive designs that adapt effortlessly to any device, ensuring a flawless experience whether on desktop or mobile. At Misfit Media Web Design, we meticulously craft each website to provide seamless viewing and optimal user engagement.

Performance built in

Crafting lightning-fast websites, Misfit Media prioritizes speed optimization for seamless user experiences. Pair this with our managed web hosting for even better performance, ensuring your site runs smoothly and efficiently.

Built to be found

Search engine optimized websites that boost your online visibility and drive organic traffic. At Misfit Media, every site is designed from the start to enhance your presence and foster sustainable growth and success.

Our website design process

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  1. Discovery

    Your journey with Misfit Media Web Design begins with an in-depth initial consultation. We take the time to understand your business, target audience, and website objectives. By gaining insight into your unique needs and goals, we develop a tailored strategy to ensure your website not only meets but exceeds expectations.

  2. UX Design

    Seamless user experiences that put your audience at the heart of your website. From intuitive navigation to clear calls-to-action, every aspect is thoughtfully designed to enhance engagement and satisfaction. We prioritize UX principles to ensure your website is not only visually appealing but also provides a smooth and enjoyable journey for your visitors. By focusing on efficient information architecture, we create websites that achieve your business goals and leave a lasting, positive impression.

  3. Website design concept

    Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our talented designers will get to work on creating design concepts for your website. We'll present you with mockups and wireframes, allowing you to visualize the layout, colour scheme, and overall aesthetic. Your feedback is invaluable during this stage as we fine-tune the design to perfectly align with your vision.

  4. Web develpment

    Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, our talented designers will get to work on creating design concepts for your website. We'll present you with mockups and wireframes, allowing you to visualize the layout, colour scheme, and overall aesthetic. Your feedback is invaluable during this stage as we fine-tune the design to perfectly align with your vision.

  5. Website testing

    Before your website goes live, we conduct rigorous testing to ensure everything is working as intended. From functionality testing to cross-browser compatibility checks, we leave no stone unturned in our quest for perfection. Our goal is to deliver a website that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, providing your visitors with a flawless user experience.

  6. Launch your website

    After testing is complete and you're thrilled with the final product, it's time to introduce your website to the world. Our team takes care of all the technical details, including domain setup, hosting configuration, and SSL certificate installation. With our expertise leading the way, you can be confident that your website will launch smoothly and seamlessly.

Kind words from great people

Transform your digital presence with our expert Kelowna web design services. Elevate your brand, engage customers, and dominate your market.

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See for yourself the caliber of web design work we deliver by exploring our portfolio of recent and past website design projects. From sleek corporate websites to vibrant small business sites, we've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients across various industries. Browse our portfolio to gain inspiration for your own website and discover what sets us apart as a leading Kelowna website design company.
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Frequently asked questions

Got questions about website design? We've got answers.
  • How much does it cost to build a website?

    The cost of building a website varies widely based on several factors. For a basic website, expenses can range from $200 to $2,000. This typically includes domain registration, hosting, and a simple template-based design using platforms like WordPress.

    For a custom-designed website with unique features, the cost can escalate to $2000 – $10,000 or more. This includes professional design services, custom functionalities, SEO optimization, and content creation.

    Ongoing costs for website maintenance and updates should also be factored in, which can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars annually, depending on the level of service required.

  • How long does it take for me to complete your website?

    A typical five-page website will be ready in as little as 30 days from the moment you make your first payment (as long as I have all the info you want on your website). I take my deadlines very seriously, your time is as valuable as mine!

  • Do you offer website maintenance and updates after the design is completed?

    Yes, I also offer web hosting and maintenance plans for all the websites I build. These plans cover the web hosting as well as all the Wordpress core and plugin updates.

    Changes to the design an content of your website can be made at any time and are billed at an hourly rate.

  • Do you design websites with SEO in mind?

    Yes, every website I build comes with base search engine optimization built in. If you would like we can also come up with a custom SEO plan to help your website rank higher in the search results.

  • Can you help with conent for the website?

    Yes, I’m happy to provide content for your website. During our website design consultation we will discuss your needs and give you a price that includes the content creation.

  • Will my website be mobile friendly?

    Yes. Every website I build is created to look great on a variety of modern screen sizes.